Remember the dreams and desires that lit the fire in your soul?

It’s never too late to reignite your passion for life.


Gone are the days of living in neutral, letting your circumstances control and allowing life to happen TO YOU. Align your goals, passion, relationships and communication so you can jump start your new journey and propel it to a fulfilling, satisfying and aligned future.

Lori Ivins, LLC is a coaching and consulting business that empowers women to step out of their FEAR and step fully into being FREE (Fearless, Realigned, Empowered, and Embraced).

Lori guides clients to change their lives by changing the way the client operates on a deeper level. Rather than just examining their behavior, habits, and goals, she delves into their deep rooted beliefs, their connection to their higher purpose, and uncover their authentic self, allowing them to live a holistic experience integrating mind, body and soul.

Our destiny unfolds in the future, but it is shaped by the decisions that we make today.

essential element trasnformation

Through truth, clarity is ignited that helps you to focus on what really matters. When you see and embrace truth you can move forward more easily, because you have greater clarity regarding who you really are and what you want to achieve in life.

Introducing my Signature Program:
Essential Element Transformation™


As a realignment coach I empower and walk along side my client’s journey into the unknown of their fears, limiting beliefs, and traumas bringing them out the side of freedom, fearlessness, power and transformation.  I do this through my fast track, three month program, Essential Element Transformation™.



Deep dive into what is holding you back from your best life. Design and walk into your Destiny.


Contact Lori for keynote, workshop, organization speaking opportunities.


Hypnotherapy is heart-centered work, driven by the desire to create relief from some of life’s most stubborn and frustrating problems.

Giving Back

At Lori Ivins, LLC, we help the world by not only transforming lives but giving of our time, talent and treasurers to non profits.  We currently support The Key2Free.  They are a local, Georgetown, non profit providing safe transition housing, education, and therapeutic care for survivors of sex trafficking. They also bring awareness to the community about this nefarious crime.

The Key 2 Free

What Clients are Saying

Lori’s coaching was spot on. I was able to uncover some old beliefs that I had about myself and transform into the person I always knew I could be.

The investment I made in myself was invaluable.

Elizabeth R.

100%, 5 STARS! Lori Ivins is an amazing life and transformational coach! I cannot thank her enough, or recommend her enough!

With her guidance and mentoring, Lori helped me move on from unhealthy relationships and harmful habits. I felt like she believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself, and she helped me to see that I could maximize my full potential.
She is incredible to work with on an individual/personal level, but I also think she would be wonderful to work with on a professional basis as well for business owners and their employees to transform their business into the next level of success.
I am so much happier and healthier, and I now have the tools and skills to continue working on my own.
Chelsea B.

Wow! Lori helped me dive deep to uncover some unhealthy beliefs I had about myself and my potential.  Lori gave me a sense of calmness each session.  I was able to unblock the limiting decisions I had made in the past about who I was and who I can become.  I wanted to take my business to the next level and now with Lori’s strategies I am confident great things are in my future. I will forever be grateful for Lori’s passion of helping me reach my greatest potential.

Mary K.

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